Pictures of Tom

My face looked like this in 2010.

My head in 2010

I cut off some of the hair after it grew out.

Hair after I cut it off, in the shape of a heart

This is what the hair looked like after I cut the hair off.

Me receiving some fancy thing from Hunter Rawlings

Here I am for a second in the official university graduation stream video.

Me at my university graduation

I received this diploma.

My university diploma

Here I am on top of a mountain in 2013.

Tom on top of Mount Tamalpais

In front of a tower a few months later

Tom in front of the Eiffel Tower

Thomas Street in New York City

Thomas Street

Pink hair again in 2014

Tom's face in 2014

Berkeley Software Distribution

Tom in front of a "BSD" sign

In 2016

Tom in 2016